Pilot NIW Green Card Rumor

There appears to be a rumor that the U.S. government has made it easier for pilots to obtain a green card through the NIW process. As respected leaders in helping pilots obtain green cards, we have been getting several inquiries from pilots and even other immigration attorneys inquiring about how pilots can obtain a green card under the rumored new immigration initiative. We have not seen anything substantive from the U.S. government to indicate that the standards required for pilots to obtain a green card have changed. For a successful NIW pilot case, in addition to having an advanced degree or the equivalent (e.g., bachelor’s degree plus five years of progressive experience, or ten years of documented experience and meeting other strict requirements), it is helpful to have significant flight experience and a demonstrated background in accident investigation and/or flight testing and/or flight instruction.  If you feel you are qualified, please provide us with a detailed CV, and we will be happy to review your case. Please monitor our blog as we will update it when and if anything substantive changes related to pilot-based NIW green cards.

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