UPDATE: SB386 and HR1044



Senate Bill 386 and House Bill 1044 were not added to the Omnibus Spending Bill and will not go into law in 2020. Please follow our blog for updates on legislation related to the equalization of priority dates.


Previously Published 12/2/2020:


Late on December 2, 2020 the U.S. Senate passed Senate Bill 386. Senate Bill 386 is the follow up to House Bill 1044 which was passed in July 2019. There are differences between SB 386 and HR 1044 that will need to be reconciled between the House and the Senate and this is expected to take time. Once an agreement is reached, then both chambers will again need to vote to pass the final bill. Once the final bill passes through both chambers, the president will need to sign the bill into law. It is highly unlikely that it will get signed into law prior to President-elect Biden taking office. However, at this point it appears inevitable that the law will pass at some point in the near future. We will not know the final form it will take or its terms until that happens. If you are concerned about the potential affect will have on your ability to timely file an I-485 in the future and would like to file the I-485 adjustment of status while priority dates remain current please feel free to contact us.

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