EB1A and H1B Premium Processing to Resume in June

Starting June 1, USCIS will start resuming premium processing for all eligible Form I-140 petitions.


Starting June 8, USCIS will resume premium processing requests for H1B petitions beginning with premium requests for cap-exempt petitions that are already filed and pending adjudication.


Starting June 15, USCIS ""plans"" on resuming premium processing for cap-exempt HIB petitions that are filed on or after June 8. It appears that USCIS will determine at a future date when they will begin accepting new H1B cases for premium processing after it has had a chance to determine the number of premium processing requests are made on already pending applications.


Beginning June 22, USCIS ""plans"" on resuming premium process for all H1B cap-subject petitions.


Given the recent noise being made about possible restrictions being implemented to further limit the availability of H1B visas, it is highly recommended that requests for premium processing be made as soon as possible.

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